Hi Friends!

Welcome to The Silver Lining Yoga! A blog about health, fitness, travel, yoga and all things food =) I’m a yoga teacher, fitness enthusiast and avid traveler who LOVES cooking, baking and spending time with family and friends. I’ve been practicing yoga for almost 3 years, and have my 200hr certification. I'm aware that this might sound just like another "Yoga" site, so let me tell you how it is that I came to be here.... 

It may seem like I've been a green smoothie drinking, headstand doing, inspirational quote speaking person for my whole life, but let's rewind about 4 years... 

I'm fresh out of college, living in NYC working two jobs to make ends meet. (I was voted life of the party in HS and that same title carried me through college). I wasn’t sleeping. I was living on happy hour drinks and fried appetizers, and on the nights I wasn’t working at the bar, I would go and drink at one. In case this isn’t a clear enough picture that I'm painting here: I wasn’t taking care of myself and was drinking WAY too much.

At the end of the year I went to the doctor for a routine physical for my health insurance. The doctor was performing yet another routine examination - and was taking a look at my abdomen. Poking around from here to there, but then she paused in the bottom corner of my stomach. I asked her what was wrong.

Her reply?
Your L I V E R is S W O L L E N.

Me? No. I’m 22. That’s impossible. I drank way more in college.... the racing thoughts went on and on. I was without a doubt in shock and certainly didn't think she was on to anything here.  I’ll try to spare the drawn out version, but I spent the next few months between specialists, MRI appointments, googling "liver disease," "liver failure" from drinking... the list goes on and on. I come from a family that likes to drink- and when I say likes to drink I mean alcoholics. 

 I cut out drinking from my life for the next few months. I was in shock at what I had done to my body.I did this. Not someone else. ME. There was no one else I could blame or put this on - which made it that much more eye opening. Thankfully after a few months of re-structuring my diet, lifestyle and daily activities - I was able to go back to the doctor and receive a clean bill of health.

However, it was from this point on I decided I needed to find something to fill my time and energy. I needed something that MADE me want to get up in the morning. That made me want to wake up without a hangover.  So, my roommate suggested I go with her to yoga. I laughed. I didn’t want to go. I had done yoga when I was young & thought it was silly. And for people who were into “spiritual” stuff.

I went.
I was hooked.
I never looked back.

I changed almost everything in my life,
And I couldn’t be more happy and blessed.
I decided from that point on, that this health scare was one of the best things that had ever happened to me.
It was M Y Silver Lining.

I’ve been practicing for about 4 years now and I decided 2-3 years into my practice that I wanted to teach and wanted to share what I love about this practice with others.

No one comes to the mat for the same reason.
It can be similar, but not the same.
My reason is so much about self love, self care & presence.

There really are Silver linings E V E R Y W H E R E.
You just have to open your eyes and FIND them. 

I'm now teaching 3-5 times per week in Westchester and live with my boyfriend Chris and fur-baby Oliver in Mamaroneck. I fill my soul and my cup by spending time with family, friends and loved ones. I am travel-obsessed and try to spend as much of my day outside as I can. 

I hope to inspire YOU to live a healthier life, and maybe give you some laughs along the way =)