Meditation Challenge



just like yoga -

is a practice

Learn to add meditation to your daily life by joining me for a 7-Day meditation challenge (FREE, held once per month)

Quieting of the mind, of the body and of the chattering inside the head. Meditation is something I’ve dabbled with- and I want to make a consistent effort to make it part of my daily life, WHOS WITH ME? 

Upcoming Dates:

I’ll email you when new dates are released!

What to Expect: 

📍The group is going to be run through a closed Facebook Group

✨We will all follow the same meditation series through the FREE and AMAZING app: Simple Habit (if you don’t like it you can always switch, no worries!) and the meditations range from 3-7 minutes each, and focus on a wide variety of topics

😍I post daily check-ins - asking about the meditations, how did it go, peaks/valleys etc. Sometimes even just simple “hey, don’t forget to meditate today” posts

🙏🏻At the end of the group, anyone that meditates for 7 days straight (the app tracks this 😜) will get a FREE one month gift certificate to Simple Habit and a 20% discount to Malas With A Mission

💁🏼if you’ve been in a previous challenge group please feel free to join again

I would LOVE to have anyone and everyone who wants to be a part of this amazing group, and I can’t wait to grow and cultivate daily mindfulness with ALL of you beautiful souls.

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